DEADBIRD Review – August 2013

by Samuel Anderson Verdin

Globophobia – A fear of balloons, and also the most recent piece of work to emerge from the Edinburgh based new writing theatre company, Urban Fox Theatre.

Using an extensive ensemble cast, we’re sat and enlightened with a collection of accounts about fear; spoken to us in a cosy, bedtime fashion. I feel the power behind this play, and I mean not to take away from the acting by any means, lies strongly within the script. Fascinatingly written by Dave Fargnoli and Lindsay Miller, the slight change in dialogue here and there adds effect to the diversity of characters being portrayed while keeping a modern, punchy and quick-firing style of description being slapped across your face at any given moment.

Certain characters allow for subtly humorous performances underneath their black lining. Although at times I felt the dialogue drifted a little, I felt it had worthy cause and didn’t detract a great deal from the performance. The acting felt polished yet enthusiastic, reaching varying levels of emotional engagement throughout  the show. As previously mentioned, this play really comes across as a comfortable, evening story. Its climactic scenes are well placed and necessary while the well-rehearsed monologues and inter-linking is intelligent and not over-bearing with it’s questions and issues. For me, the only thing missing was the politeness of one member of the audience, who walked out five minutes before the end.


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