The Stage Review – 11th August 2013

By Thom Dibdin


Globophobia is an irrational and dread fear of balloons. And it is the destabilising, debilitating effect of fear on an individual which Dave Fargnoli and Lindsay Miller’s tightly winding play explores.

Written in a portmanteau style it finds one couple – Des O’Gorman’s compulsive, ever joking Michael and Shona Mathison’s sensible Fliss trapped in time in a succession train-related situations.

Against their predicament, a quintet of interconnected characters dance around the life of Clare Ross’s Flick. Director Amy Gilmartin gives each plenty of space to breath, and brings out a real intensity from her cast.

Ross, in particular, is stunning as she draws the narrative down into Tighther unhappy existence, returned home aged 30 as she had become all but invisible to her husband.

Joseph Brown and Ashley McLean as a childless couple, whose hiding of their irrational fears keeps them so, take the intensity and bring it to an explosive head. Brian Houston initially seems unnaturally poised amid a strongly naturalistic sense of character, but brings it right back round.

A stunning, thought-provoking piece that has some quite fabulous performances. Not quite as well honed as it might be in places, but is a real must-see effort.



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